Frequently Asked questions

confidentiality and Design Patents


May I know who your customers are?

Due to reason of confidentiality and security, we cannot disclose their identities.

May I see the previous designs and crafts completed?

All our designs are uniquely customized according to our client’s individual story. We do not share any designs with new or existing customers.


Pre-Purchase and Research


Can you source 20 pieces of similar diamond stones: colour, clarity and cut to craft a necklace?

Yes. Sourcing stones within the top 1% of all natural diamonds available  is one of our unique capabilities. We are able to meet order requirements for 20, 30, 50 or even more stones of the same size, same colour, same clarity and of the same cut. All stones are GIA certified.

Are your diamond conflict free and certified?

Yes. All our diamonds are conflict free and are certified by Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) with a grading report. We are also a registered retailer with GIA.

How can I be sure that a GIA grading report is authentic?

All GIA reports contain security features such as a hologram, security screen and microprint lines that prevent them from being forged or duplicated. Also, clients can use GIA's “Report Check” service to verify the authenticity of the issued report. (

Are we allow to mix the gold in the metalwork, in our preferences?

Yes. Your options include white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. Most of our customers opt for white gold due to the high quality of our stones – to maximise contrast.

How much product knowledge does your staff possess?

Our staff consists only of GIA-Accredited Professional Jewellers who are trained to serve and meet your needs throughout the entire process.

Do you accept walk-in customers?

No. Due to the closed nature of the Guild, all our customers are through referral. New customers are advised to contact us through their referrals.

Are your staff able to provide home or hotel visits for jewellery appointments?

No. For security reasons, all appointments are conducted on our premises.

If I am based outside of Asia, do I need to visit Singapore to buy?

No. While our headquarters is based in Singapore, we serve clientele throughout the world, in United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Ecuador and the United States. Contact us via your referral and we will be glad to make arrangement to serve you.


Purchase and Payment


Can I claim tax-free rebate, as a tourist?

Yes. Tax rebates may be claimed at the airport before departure.

Is there any initial deposit?

A non-refundable payment of GBP (£) 2,000, or approximately SGD (S$) 4,000, is collected at the start of the jewellery design process.

What are the available payment mode?

Payment can be made in full, or in stages, at the start of an engagement.




What jewellery designs does the Guild undertake?

We are able to accept requests for a wide range of challenging jewellery designs that tell your story. Examples include proposal ring, pendant to large heirlooms such as sceptres or even a crown.

How long is the entire process of customisation?

Approximately 12 weeks if there are no unforeseen requested changes..

Can the process be shortened?

Yes. All urgent requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. A surcharge to expedite the process will be imposed.




Can I make further changes, if the customised jewellery was completed?

Yes. However, additional fees will apply.

Can I send in my jewellery for cleaning and polishing in the future?

Yes. However, we will only polish and clean jewellery bought exclusively through the Guild.


Yes. Under our “Diamond Upgrade Policy”, the value of the diamonds at the time of purchase can be used as trade-in exchanges for higher quality or larger carat stones. Please ask our staff for further details.